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man found dead after fell into sinkhole under pool

man found dead after fell into sinkhole

man found dead after fell into sinkhole under pool

A man found dead after fell into a sinkhole under pool, Thursday, hours after the hole that occurred in an indoor swimming pool in a private home opened, the man was dragged by water and another managed to climb his way out.

The 34-year-old survivor who was at the party and also fell into the pit is in good shape and conscious with injuries to his limbs.

The assisting specialists who were called provided the man with primary medical care.

Other rescue teams were also called to the scene of the accident to locate the missing person who fell into the pool hole, but they found him dead and declared his death after his body was found at the end of a 15-meter-long tunnel.

The fire and rescue services said they were apprehensive to search out of concern that tunnels branching from the stream could cause a secondary collapse.

"This is a very unusual incident," said the paramedic, Uri Damari.

When the paramedic arrived at the scene, he saw a hole at the bottom of the empty pond.

The people at the site told him that the hole suddenly split open and within a few seconds all the water from the pond was drawn out.

Rescue forces built a support structure to control the surface of the pond and prevent it from collapsing on them during the search for the missing man's body.

The accident occurred during a group party for employees of a private company, at home.

Meanwhile, emergency services scrambled to do the work of scanning the area for other sewers.

The police said that they sent a helicopter to preserve the safety of citizens and to assist in the search efforts.

And the police announced Thursday evening that they had initiated an investigation into the death and were checking whether the swimming pool was operating with the appropriate license or not.
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