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Japan's Sakurajima volcano erupts, highest alert

Japan's Sakurajima volcano
Japan's Sakurajima volcano erupts, highest alert

Sakurajima volcano, Japan - Japan's Sakurajima volcano erupts, highest alert, erupted Sunday evening, raising the alert status.

It also resulted in evacuations on the island in the south of the country.

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) said the volcano erupted around 8:05 pm local time.

Surveillance camera footage that appeared on the agency's cameras showed a cloud of smoke or ash rising from the volcano.

The meteorological agency there issued an alert to raise the alert level from the fifth level, the highest possible alert indicating the imminent danger, to the residential areas directly near the volcano, as in some areas in the city of Kagoshima, for the necessity of evacuation.

Information about the city, that this city is home to about 600,000 people.

The JMA has announced a Level 5 alert - as we mentioned it is the highest level - calling for people to evacuate.

The JMA appealed to residents in Kagoshima Prefecture to be vigilant, and it did so with Kagoshima City.

Among the alerts, alerting the need to evacuate.

Officials also warned that windows in neighboring cities are liable to break and shatter due to the vibration of the air caused by the explosion, and that winds will carry volcanic ash across the country as well.

Nuclear regulators said in a report on the eruption that no irregularities were detected at the Sendai Atomic Station, which is about 31 miles from the volcano.

The volcano's Minamidac summit cone and crater have had continuous activity since 1955, but declined significantly in the second half of 2021, according to the Smithsonian Institution.
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