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Heavy rain in New York City, Snarling Commute

Heavy rain in New York City
Heavy rain in New York City, Snarling Commute

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NEW YORK CITY - On Monday afternoon, a thunderstorm swept through New York City and wreaked havoc on the city, flooding highways, rail lines and even the evening commute into a tattered humid chaos.

A flash flood warning is in effect for Manhattan, the Bronx, and the surrounding area until 6 p.m., according to the National Weather Service.

Officials also warned residents not to travel and advised them to stay away from basements, reminding citizens of Hurricane Ida that flooded the area in 2021, which resulted in dozens of deaths.

The rain was described as strong, swift, blinding swarms punctuated by the rumble of thunder.

Doppler radar indicated that 1.5 to 3 inches (3.8 to 7.6 cm) fell across the area, turning various streets and gutters into flowing streams.

Officials closed some roads, such as the northbound lanes of Deegan Expressway at West 179th Street in the Bronx, around 4 p.m. due to flooding.

*- The New England Thruway, 'southbound' on East Gun Hill Road in The Bronx, is closed.

*- The A-train between West 168th Street and West 207th Street has been closed because the rails were flooded.

*- The Metro North rail system for trains on the New Haven Line is suspended both inside and outside Grand Central Station.

This also triggers delays for the Hudson line of up to 45 minutes.
The Harlem line also resumed after being suspended and had a 70-minute delay.

It seems that the worst floods were for New Jersey in most cases.
The Saddle River in Lodi rose by 3 feet in a matter of hours.

Ho-Ho-Kus Brook, a tributary of the Saddle River, has risen by more than a foot, according to the Weather Service.

The Meteorological Service said that rescue operations in the waters are underway in parts of the northeastern part of the state.
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