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Greenwood Park Mall active shooter with cops swarming scene

 Greenwood Park Mall active shooter

Greenwood Park Mall active shooter with cops swarming scene

Indiana - Greenwood Park Mall active shooter with police crowd scene, police said, two people were killed and two others were seriously injured at Greenwood Park Mall.

Immediately, police officers in Greenwood and Indianapolis stormed the shopping center to assess the situation and then bring it under control.

Chaos spread in the shopping center after the "shooting" and a number of policemen were gathered to the scene.

Several people were injured in this incident, including the suspected shooter, and the police are evacuating the mall to limit the damage.

Officials are advising people to stay away from the area immediately while they respond to the incident.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department confirmed that it is assisting the Greenwood Police Department at the scene.

We were unable to reach more details from the police.

"The situation is evolving at the moment," said Zach Myers.

They are working to get more information about the incident.

This type of violence is the most widespread and least reported. It also has more than one frame.

Physical violence: It is the use of physical force to impose the authority of the strong on the weak, the results of which are injury or discomfort.

 Such as beating, punching, burning, arm twisting, and the like.


Gender-based violence is related to the social role of males and females, and society's perception of them and their roles and their relationship to each other. It is also closely linked to the social structure of norms and traditions that may be unjust and unfair.

And the current situation that the country is going through, including intermittent wars, instability, displacement and the absence of law enforcement, increases the possibility of gender-based violence.

This requires all of us - individuals, society and institutions, civil, governmental and international - to take greater measures to reduce it.

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