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Droupadi Murmu, Ethnic minority woman wins India's presidential election

Droupadi Murmu wins India's presidential election

Droupadi Murmu, Ethnic minority woman wins India's presidential election

NEW DELHI - Droupadi Murmu, Ethnic minority woman wins India's presidential election, a largely ceremonial position.

Draupadi Murmu was elected by the Indian Parliament and state legislatures in a vote on Monday.

 The leader is from India's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the first female president to come from a tribe in the country and the second woman to hold this position.

"Her record victory bodes well for our democracy," Modi wrote on his Twitter page.

Mormo and BJP supporters regard her victory as a victory for these tribal peoples and a turning point for their community which generally lacks health care and education facilities in remote villages.

However, opposition parties face some concern about whether they will be able to help bring about any change in the marginalized community.

The role of the president in India is somewhat ceremonial, but the office is important in times of political uncertainty such as in a hung parliament, when the office assumes greater power.

It is actually adhering to the advice of the Cabinet headed by the Prime Minister, who is the Chief Executive of India.

She will replace Ram Nath Kovind, the Hindu nationalist leader from the Dalit community, which is at the lowest end of the complex Hindu caste hierarchy.

Kovind has been president since 2017.

Murmo won against her rival, Yashwant Sinha, a former BJP rebel who quit the party after disagreements with Modi over economic issues in 2018.

Since then, Sinha has been an outspoken critic of Modi and his government.

Indian lawmakers will vote for the country's new vice president as well in August.
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