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Chalk Mountain Fire Consumes 6,000 Acres, 12 Buildings in Somervell County

Chalk Mountain Fire Consumes

Chalk Mountain Fire Consumes 6,000 Acres, 12 Buildings in Somervell County

A brush fire near Florence burned about 90 acres

Chalk Mountain Fire Consumes 6,000 Acres, 12 Buildings in Somervell County

 The 1148 large fire had a negative impact on homes and led to evacuations near Lake Possum, about 55 miles to the southeast. Another major wildfire was burning as of Tuesday.

The Chalk Mountain Fire is located in the area between Dinosaur Valley State Park and Chalk Mountain, 45 miles southwest of Fort Worth, and sends large amounts of smoke over Somervell County.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Texas A&M Forest Service said the fire has spread to 6,000 acres and is about 10% contained.

The fire was active all night and was identified in multiple areas of Farm-to-Market Road 205.

Officials believe 12 buildings, including homes, barns and other outbuildings, were damaged or destroyed in the fire.

Because the eastern side was damaged by the fire late in the day, more resources were sent to curb the spread of the fire.

The Texas A&M Forest Service said hundreds of firefighters, from volunteer departments, are in the area to help.

Bulldozers help create containment lines, while engines from various agencies work to control the fire.

Air carriers were also deployed, to reduce the spread of fire, as they dropped water and fire retardants.

Because of the spread of smoke and the fear of rising temperatures.

Additional tractors have been ordered, and we also have planes over the fire,” Texas A&M Fire Service spokeswoman Mary Leathers said.

The cause of the fire is not yet known.

Residents request voluntary evacuation

As of midnight Tuesday, residents north of U.S. Highway 67 and west of Interstate 52 have been asked to voluntarily evacuate, according to Cindy Smith of the Erath County Office of Emergency Management serving as a public information officer.

 All residents are required to check in at the Emergency Operations Center by calling 254-897-2242.

At an evacuation shelter in Glen Rose, Susan Brown received a hug from friends and loved ones on Tuesday.

She captured a mobile video of the fire that burned her house to the ground as she ran away.

“And we saw where the flames were and we were kind of worried. No problem,” said Brown, whose house had weathered a similar fire years ago.

And after about 10 minutes they were going down the road, 'You have to go now.'

And we were one of the last to get out and ran away through the flames on both sides of the road.”

Nearby, Mike Lohmann's family was also evacuated but their home was untouched.

An evacuation reception center has been established

Somervell County has set up a reception center at the Somervell County Fair Center for any and all evacuees who need shelter, and the Texas Animal Health Commission has provided assistance to animals and livestock. a

If anyone needs trailers to help move livestock, they can contact the EOC.

Forest Service officials said residents should expect to see smoke in the air as the fighting continues.

Donations of food and water for evacuees, first responders and pets will be accepted at the Expo Center, and donations of cash and gift cards are accepted at the Somerville County Sheriff's Office.


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