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A brush fire near Florence burned about 90 acres

A brush fire near Florence 

A brush fire near Florence burned about 90 acres

A brush fire near Florence burned about 90 acres, and threatened homes Monday evening, officials said.

Forest fires erupted in the area near Florence, burning cedar trees near Bobby Shelton's property.

For Bobby Shelton, a former retired fire chief in Florence, the flames came a little closer to the resting place.

Emergency vehicles rushed to respond to a forest fire near Florence in the evening.

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Cedar tree species

The Cedar family includes four species (Arrodar Cedar, Atlas Cedar, Cyprus Cedar and Lebanon Cedar) within the Pinaceae plant family.

These are the true species of cedar, but many other trees are known as cedars, such as Atlantic white cedar, northern white cedar, eastern cedar, and western cedar.

When cedar is used to describe trees native to the United States, it refers to a group of coniferous or "conical" trees that contain highly fragrant woods.

These are trees, or "false" cedars.

Cedar tree benefits

It is useful in the manufacture of wood, by making use of cedar wood, which is one of the best types of wood, and is characterized by a smart aromatic smell.

The ancient Egyptians benefited from the cedar tree in embalming their dead, as well as in building their palaces, temples, and tombs.

An oil is extracted from its wood that is useful in many therapeutic and aesthetic cases. It is:

To prevent muscle spasms, bone and joint pain, and help treat kidney pain and infections.

Get rid of the dandruff of the scalp, by mixing a little cedarwood oil with turmeric and rubbing the head with it.

Calm the nerves and relieve stress.

It is considered antiseptic by mixing it with sandalwood oil.

Helps treat acne and get rid of it and its effects.

Cedarwood oil can be used as a kind of sweet-smelling freshener, and to give the house or place a distinctive aromatic scent.


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