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4 killed in BCSO helicopter crash near Las Vegas

4 killed in BCSO helicopter crash

4 killed in BCSO helicopter crash near Las Vegas

 Bernalillo County Police - Helicopter crashes continue, today four people were killed on board a police department helicopter, and the accident came in the wake of an earlier plane crash Saturday night near Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Officials said the three dead belonged to the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office, as well as one from the county fire department, and died immediately after the crash, which was known as Metro 2.

The news also circulated advice from the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office that the previously mentioned plane, known as the Metro 2, was on a mission to help firefighting crews battling a fire in East Mesa at the time.

This incident occurred when returning to Albuquerque.

The Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office was the first responder and rushed to Albuquerque after helping firefighters with the East Mesa fire, according to the Sheriff's Department.

New Mexico State Police spoke about the event and said they arrived at the scene, about 120 miles northeast of Albuquerque.

State police also said the FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board were expected to investigate the accident.

The mayor's office said in a statement

“At this time, the investigation into this incident is in its initial stages.

As we learn more details, we will provide it through official press releases like this one."

“Please keep these individuals and their families in your thoughts and prayers tonight.”

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